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May 27, 2008


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As a recent arrival in Providence, I used your blog to find one or two spots I've since fallen in love with. Particularly the Liberty Elm. Thansk. And good luck in your travels.


I'm sorry to hear you're leaving. Your reviews will definitely be missed. Good luck wherever you land!

Steve Soper

Insightful, lucid writing about the good food in RI. Providence's loss will be someone else's gain to be sure. And just when ProvidencePalate was getting up to go somewhere! Best of luck!


I have enjoyed your blog a great deal over the past year or so - it's been inspirational to me as well as informative. I wish you the best of luck in your future - keep blogging wherever you end up! I would love to read about another locale from someone who understands Providence and RI firsthand. Thanks for the linkage!


Please start posting again!! Two years later, and I am still watching for more Tomato Soup. ::Pout!!::

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Appreciate the links to the other blogs. Thanks.

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