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April 10, 2008



I do agree that we are lacking in Thai, but that seems to be really the only area in Asian cuisine that is compromised here in Providence.

I actually like Sawaddee very much. I love the oily droplets that form on top of the curries and the tom yam soup.

I always feel very tall when I walk in there, and I am only 5'4"!


In terms of thai: try siam square in riverside or rim nahm in pawtuxet village--both are heads above providence options


Try Siam Square in Riveside, Arunothai in Pawtuxet Village or Mekong on Smith St.

The Infamous Andy

Has anyone been to Thai Excursion on Kilvert and Jefferson Blvd?

I go there for lunch occasionally and their Chicken Red Curry is the best I've had in RI, making it a possible, if not probable destination for Tomato Soup ;)


I like Thai Garden on Social Street in Woonsocket, if you're up for a trek...


Try Herbs and Spices in East Greenwich - I discovered it today, and they serve excellent Wild Boar Basil and Drunken Noodles. Will definitely return to try more...


I am looking for Crispy Pad Thai and I found that Arunothai at Pawtuxet Village is the best Crispy in New England.


It was on my way to Gaspee Community. I found Arunothai restaurant across the stress from Sunoco Gas station while I was filling my gas. I droped in, ordered their red curry and my wife got Tamerind Duck for take out. You cannot believe what happen to us... We love it only the first few bites. I would recommend everyone to try their curry. It is the best curry I found in RI so far. There are several kinds of curries which I will try next time.

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