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March 11, 2008



jeez, andy always gets a burger!

The Infamous Andy

Listen Cailyn, I always get the burger so I have some basis for comparison from restaurant to restaurant, OK?

And besides, you can learn a lot about a place based on their burger. The next time around when/if we make it back to a place, I usually get something different.


I feel the same way about Local 121: stick to the pub which is beautiful and get a pint and a few small plates. The main restaurant is gorgeous and makes me want to eat there but the entrees are just so-so.


Pasta with grated cheese just dumped on top? Hope it didn't come out of the kitchen like that!


You & you're blog will be seriously missed! I'm a severe Foodie & spend a few days every week outside Prov in other big cities. I have leaned considerably on your picks & commentary due to your accurate opinion of food & ability to translate those thoughts & opinions. I wish you the best!

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